Sep. 9th, 2010

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After watching the Psych summer finale, I couldn't hold in my squeeing, fangirling, and thoughts on pairings, threesomes, and moresomes that should-have-been (link contains spoilers for the episode 3.08 "Shawn 2.0" and episode 3.09 "One, Maybe Two, Ways Out"). Reaction posts get exponentially more fun the more comments they get, so feel free to share your squee with me!

Also, I've recently created [syndicated profile] psych_news_feed, which is a new feed for the LJ community [ profile] psych_news. Psych_News is devoted to compiling all Psych fandom activity (fics, art, vids, recs, news, reviews, etc) into a newsletter that comes out every Wednesday and Sunday. Get all your favorite Psych_news updates from the comfort of your DW reading page!


They were like big, angry marshmallows!

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