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Hey everybody! Look how big I am compared to this airplane!

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Name:They were like big, angry marshmallows!
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Community description:Where all of us at dreamwidth can come and squee about our love for Psych!
Welcome to [community profile] psych! A brand new community for all of your Psych needs!

One. Try to be polite and logical. Wank will not be tolerated. Posting is moderated for this exact reason.

Two. Keep a two week delay on all spoilers for recently aired episodes and for all unaired episodes! This includes both text and images. Keep them behind a cut with some sort of warning text. Be polite about movie spoilers as well! Try not to reveal any big plot points out of a cut or in a subject line.

Three. When posting icons, please only post three (or less) as a preview. When posting wallpapers or other fanart, please keep the preview image under 400x400 pixels.

Layout & Mini Icon Credits here @ [ profile] noveltybox

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burton guster, buzz mcnab, carlton lassiter, corbin bernsen, cybill shepherd, dulé hill, fake psychics, henry spencer, james roday, juliet o'hara, karen vick, kirsten nelson, madeleine spencer, maggie lawson, mr. yang, pineapples, psych, sage brocklebank, shawn and gus, shawn spencer, timothy omundso
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