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I just realized that even though I've been crossposting pointers at LJ I completely forgot to do so here. Which is unfortunate, because I ♥ DW, so these are the many and sundry Psych related posts I've made:

+ The Pilot of My Roflcopter (Gus/Shawn, PG-13, ~2,700w). The one where Shawn talks like a lolcat.

+ We'll Share a Seat on the Train (Gus/Shawn, PG, ~3,700w). Gus finally figures out why he watched The Lost Boys so many times.

+ Molasses in January (Gus/Shawn, G, ~1,000w). The one where they're snails.

+ Reception in the Ball Pit (Gus/Shawn, G, ~1,600w). The one where they get married.

+ Underrepresented in the Genre (Gus/Shawn, PG, ~2,100w). Gus' relationship with comic books from 1986 to 2008.

Oh, and one I haven't re-posted yet, so this points to LJ: Opposable Thumbs (Gus/Shawn, PG-13, ~700w). The one where Shawn learns to text, much to everyone's chagrin.

And I posted some recs etc., a Gus/Shawn picspam, some plotbunnies that are up for grabs, and I rambled about episode 2x15 for a bit.

And I didn't see a pointer for this posted, but there's a new community called [community profile] you_know_thats_right which is a Gus/Shawn exchange for which sign ups will be starting soon. Aaand that's probably enough links for one post, sorry to be spammy.


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