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Hi all :) I was thinking that Psych could use a mini-rare pairing & gen 'fest, so I decided to put together the:

Psych Rare Pairings & Gen Commentathon

What the commentathon will welcome:

+ Fic
+ Vids
+ Art: icon/manips/graphics such as backgrounds, banners, and so on/etc.
+ Fanmixes
+ Themed recslists
+ Plot bunnies that you'd like to put up for grabs
+ Picspams
+ Transcripts of your favorite 'shippy moments, or ship manifesto-style commentary (the better to convert people to your favorite pairing ;)

For the purposes of this commentathon, anything that's not Shawn/Lassiter will count as a rare pairing.

To submit prompts, go here to the prompt collection post. It'll be open for about three days, and then all the prompts will be collected into a master post and submissions will go in the comments on the master post.

Hope you'll all decide to come and play!


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