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Fic etc.

A few things:

+ Picspam from S2 & 3 Gag Reels
+ 9 icons + screencaps from some eps

And then a whole bunch of fic:

+ Aquatic Equestrianism.
Gus/Shawn, PG, ~3,900w.
The one where they're mermen, because clearly my brain is a weird place. "You are outta your damn mind if you think that dolphin wants to be ridden."

+ A Day in the Life.
Buzz, Gus, Shawn; G; ~550w.
"Hi, Monday!" Buzz said cheerfully, waving up at the sky.

+ Collection.
Gus/Juliet, G, ~225w.
"Awkward? Are you kidding?" Gus laughed loudly and exaggeratedly, hand on his belly.

And 11 more behind the cut -- 5 of which are crossovers -- all Gus/Shawn or Gus&Shawn ficlets, between 100-600ish words, nothing over PG-13.

+ Better than Being a Barnacle. "And here comes the sweet post-sex Gus limpet action," Shawn said, voice pitched like a commentator.
+ Morning. "See? You know you love it." Shawn started nibbling on Gus. "Mmmm, morning Gus."
+ Gelato. "Since when do you have an Italian accent?" Shawn asked, giving him a look.
+ Baking. "And you are not getting your nasty ass germs all up in my Triple Fudge Rum Pecan Caramel Brownie family recipe."
+ Honeymoon. (Semi-sequel to this story.) Don't tell my parents, but I think Shawn just got us banned from this country.
+ Hang Gliding. (Gus/Shawn/Mira). "OH MY GOOOOOOOD," Gus screamed.

+ Psych/Hot Fuzz. "How butyraceous," Gus said.
+ Psych/Invisible Man. "Always with the investigative olfaction," Fawkes said, rolling his eyes.
+ Psych/Invisible Man. "Was the even English?" Gus said, sipping the margarita that was nearly the size of his face.
+ Psych/NCIS. McGee nodded. "Tony's definitely the evil one."
+ Psych/Wonderfalls. "Besides," Jaye said, smiling at Shawn insincerely, "they don't talk to this faker."