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Title: Once More With Feeling
Fandom: Dark Tower
Pairings: Walter/Roland, Eddie/Susannah
Rating: Explicit
Gengre: angst, au
Warnings: Implied child abuse, dysfunctional family, dysfunctional relationship
Summary: Roland and Walter have had a rocky on again off again relationship for years. They're off again now, and Walter is taking it out on their friends during their D&D campaign. It's frustrating and annoying and no one wants to put up with it but it's going to take a lot to get Roland and Walter to actually deal with their shit instead of ignoring it.
Note: Title subject to change...And many thanks to [personal profile] deifire for giving this a look for me :)

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for [personal profile] friendof_dorothy as a welcome to the fandom, I decided to do an EPIC EERIE REC POST. But I'm not stopping there! Please feel free to add your own, Eerie friends! Anything I missed because HOT DAMN WE HAVE A LOT OF AMAZING FIC.

So first and foremost, we have the comm: [community profile] eerieindiana. [personal profile] froodle has been super amazing and modly and there are tags and a master post and all that fun jazz.

Now for some of my favorite fics!

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I haven't reread things in way too long so this rec list is entirely too sad. WHICH IS WHY i call upon my Eerie folks to POST YOUR RECS in the comments!


They were like big, angry marshmallows!

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